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From now, users are able to create and manage multiple sub-accounts through a KuCoin Master account. According to the official announcement, the major functions of Sub-Account are: Each Master account is allowed to create up to 100 Sub-Accounts.

Backed by Virgin, Google Ventures and many more, cryptocurrency wallet Blockchain has added support for paxos standard (PAX).

All cryptographic systems are secured in bank-grade vaults and datacenters that are protected with 24/7 physical security, highlights the announcement.

Major U.S.

Crypto-focused derivatives provider ErisX is publicly launching its spot market, the official press release states.

BFX has already securitized + tokenized its future cash flow for their last hack, this is another layer of leverage on top… Shortly afterwards, Twitter user Zirui posted a tweet, allegedly written by Bitfinex investor Zhao Dong, who has revealed other similar information in the past.

According to the bank, investing in bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptos may lead “to losses on the consumer’s side.” It’s also should be noted that the Central Bank has not yet authorized or banned the use of crypto.

Last year, ErisX closed a round of financing for Series B, managing to raise over million from such companies as Bitmain, ConsenSys, Fidelity Investments, Nasdaq Ventures, and Monex Group.

The FIN-FSA will register: virtual currency exchange services; custodian wallet providers; issuers of virtual currencies.

According to the announcement, both banks linked up their respective experimental payment networks, called Project Jasper and Project Ubin1, which are based on two different blockchains.